Make-Your-Own-Lofi-Girl Game Spirit City: Lofi Sessions Is Out Now

We’ve heard of lofi beats for relaxation or focus, but usually they serve as the background for gaming and other activities. Mooncube Games is attempting to switch up the formula with Spirit City: Lofi Sessions, a game that lets you control all parts of the lofi experience, and it launches today on PC.

Spirit City gives you the opportunity to customize your own Lofi Girl or Boy, with options including both the look of the character and the background of their relaxation session. The game will then provide a curated list of lofi tracks to create a specially crafted lofi session based on what you have created.

You can also create and customize a small spirit companion from a selection found throughout the world. Certain spirits can be coaxed into the scene through your choice of sounds and activities for your characters, and spirits who do appear can be befriended and brought along for future sessions.

If productivity is more your focus, Spirit City also offers a built-in to-do list and a Pomodoro timer that you can utilize during heavy work sessions. The timer, for example, will remind you to take regular breaks while keeping you on schedule for the set duration.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is out now on PC via Steam.

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