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Minecraft’s Camel-Filled Update Finally Has A Name: Trails And Tales

After announcing a game-changing update was headed our way late last year, Mojang has finally revealed the name of the new 1.20 update for its survival game Minecraft. The upcoming update will now be called Trails and Tales.

Per Minecraft tradition, the content Trails and Tales adds to the game will be themed around the name, similarly to how the Caves and Cliffs update introduced new aquatics and caves for players to explore. The 1.20 update aims to do the same by telling “unique stories” and having players “riding towards the horizon on a camel.”

According to the official Minecraft blog, the Trails and Tales has no release date, but is scheduled to arrive “later this year.” The blog explains that the new update is meant to encourage players to go out and explore so that they can come up with their own stories as they encounter mobs and mine materials.

The update will introduce new content to the game, like the Sniffer, a new passive mob that can be found in sand biomes, and armor trim, a new feature that allows you to set patterns on your gear. In addition, Trails and Tales also adds archeology, a new feature that rewards more excavation-minded players with ancient relics and more. Players can catch a glimpse of these 1.20 features via snapshots, betas, and previews.

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