Neopets is moving into a ‘new era’ — and leaving NFTs and the metaverse behind

Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

It might be time to log into your Neopets account again.

Neopets, a virtual pet website that first launched in 1999, certainly isn’t the phenomenon that it was in the early days of the internet. I have fond memories of the site — as a kid, I remember spending hours taking care of my dog-like Lupe character — but I haven’t paid any serious attention to Neopets for two decades because a lot of the site felt stuck in the past. Much of Neopets’ design is straight 2005, a lot of the old games built on Adobe Flash don’t work anymore, and some of the more recent attempts to revive interest, including an NFT project, feel out of touch in their own ways.

The many dedicated fans who still visit the site got some promising news this week. The team…

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