New To Temtem? This Handy Tips And Tricks Trailer Is Here To Help

From Trainer to Tamer.

The Pokémon-inspired online team builder, Temtem, is coming to Switch on September 6th. After an early access release on PC and PS5 back in 2020, the game has racked up its fair share of loyal fans with an already impressive knowledge of the game. In any normal situation, this would be enough to put prospective Tamers off entering into a new world full of people with a high baseline knowledge of the game’s mechanics and techniques. Fortunately, Humble Games has released a handy ‘Tips and ‘Tricks’ guide to ensure that your first steps in the Floating Archipelago are as comfortable as possible.

Breaking down everything from the basics of Temtem battles and online co-op to the nuances of breeding and home customisation, the above guide trailer sets a pretty good starting knowledge of the game for those who want to brush up on their skills before playing.

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