Nomad’s bringing back the early 2000s with a transparent charging brick

Please let the future be see-through. | Image: Nomad

Nomad, known for its sleek accessories made from leather and metal, is playing around with a new material: transparent plastic. The company has announced a limited edition version of its 30W USB-C charger with a frosty-grey case that gives you a peek at the intricate electronics inside.

As with a lot of modern electronics, there’s not actually a ton to see. Sure, it uses GaN components to achieve its small size, but that’s not really obvious just by looking at it. To the untrained eye, it mostly seems like a neat collection of capacitors, solder joints, and various other components.

Luckily for Nomad, that makes for an incredibly cool aesthetic (at least in my opinion), especially for people like me who can appreciate electrical…

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