Over 100 Million People Played Switch In The Last Year

More reveals from the Nintendo financial report.

Yesterday we got our peepers on the Nintendo financial report covering Q2 of the fiscal year ending March, 2023, and there was a lot to unpack. If the highest-selling Switch games, digital download data and upcoming release dates weren’t enough to wet your whistle, however, then fear not as we have even more statistics from the report today.

The follow-up six-month findings presentation has now been published, outlining lots of big numbers like amiibos sold to date

and how many people are now on NSO. One stat that really stood out to us, though, was the number of active Switch users in the past year (from November, 2021 to September, 2022 – yep, it’s confusing), the total of which has been reported to be 106 million players!

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