Pokémon Unite Teases Familiar, Ferocious Legendary And Brand New Stage

This is the Ray.

The Pokémon World Championships are finally upon us! What this means is that we are going to be flooded with Pokémon-themed content over the next four days, so keep your peepers peeled for a whole host of info coming your way very shortly.

One of the first pieces of news to hit the event came near the start of the opening ceremony no less, as President and CEO of The Pokémon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara, revealed Pokémon Unite‘s new battle stage, Theia Sky Ruins. While there is no official release date for this new location just yet (we have been hit with the dreaded ‘coming soon‘ until then), Pokémon Unite has shared an official first look at the battlefield for all those who were not livestreaming the World Championships’ opening ceremony.

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