PUBG: Battlegrounds Celebrates Sixth Anniversary With Detailed Stats

PUBG: Battlegrounds is celebrating its sixth anniversary with a slew of stats covering specific milestones over the years.

Krafton released a set of detailed stats highlighting various PUBG: Battlegrounds milestones since its launch.

The battle royale shooter is available in 242 countries, and has sold over 75 million units across PC and consoles. On Steam, PUBG: Battlegrounds reached an impressive concurrent player peak of 3.25 million, and was selected as one of the platform’s most-played games and top-selling IP for six years in a row.

In total, PUBG: Battlegrounds is home to 150.7 million registered users who have played a combined 16.3 billion hours.

Alongside the news of these milestones, PUBG: Battlegrounds’ 22.2 update went live on consoles today, which includes server fixes, map service, gameplay balancing, and the new Famas assault rifle. The 22.2 update also adds map changes including billboards, more hills on Deston, and even a dirt racetrack to the peninsula south of Sancara.

In addition, a new Progressive Weapon Skin for the AUG has been implemented. Referred to as Neon Dream, this weapon skin will appear as a world spawn item, allowing players to customize it after earning the Progressive Skin. Likewise, a new BLACKPINK skin bundle has been added, featuring all four members of the K-pop group.

PUBG: Battlegrounds launched as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in 2017 and is one of the leading battle royale games, inspiring dozens of others since its release.

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