Random: Kirby’s Dream Buffet To Become A Literary Classic With Book Adaptation

A smörgåsbord of words.

Here’s the video game-to-book adaptation you never knew you wanted — Kirby’s Dream Buffet, 2022’s adorable, snack-based party game featuring the pink puffball, is getting its own novel in Japan, Automaton Media reports.

Yep, really. We know that Kirby games can get wild with their lore, but Dream Buffet certainly isn’t the first slice of the pie we’d think of when considering which Kirby games to adapt into a novel. But it’s getting one. A game where you roll around and try to eat as many sweet treats as possible is getting a novel — not a cookbook! As an aside, we’d love a Kirby cookbook, but let’s get down to business here — why Kirby’s Dream Buffet? Well, it’s actually pretty simple — Kirby actually has an entire light novel series in Japan, written by Mie Takase.

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