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Random: Original Resident Evil Actors Have Reunited After 26 Years

“Nooo! Don’t gooo!”.

Have you seen this video?

Cast your mind back to 1996, you might remember the now-iconic opening cinematic for Capcom’s Resident Evil, featuring the in-game S.T.A.R.S team in a live-action shoot (for Nintendo gamers specficially, you might have first encountered the cinematic in the 2006 DS release, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence). Even in the mid-’90s, it was considered to be pretty cheesy, but its inclusion has been cited by Resident Evil fans as one of their favourite aspects of the original game in more recent years.

Now, after 26 years, three of the cast members have reunited to promote a fan project from YouTube channel Residence of Evil

. As reported by Time Extension, Charles Kraslavsky (Chris Redfield), Greg Smith (Barry Burton), and Eric Pirius (Albert Wesker (he still looks like him!)) sit down with host and filmmaker Andrew Saullo to talk about their experiences shooting the cinematic, whether they remained in contact with one another in the years since, and how they became involved with Residence of Evil’s fan project called ‘The Keeper: A Biohazard Story’.

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