Rejoice! Sea Of Stars Is Getting 3-Player Couch Co-Op

RPG surpasses 5 million players.

Sabotage Studio has announced that its hit RPG Sea of Stars has now surpassed 5 million players worldwide since its launch on 29th August, 2023. To celebrate, it has teased a new 3 player couch co-op mode officially dubbed ‘Single Player+’.

While the short video above just demonstrates basic traversal for the time being, in which you can see the blue-haired Solstice Warrior Valere being brought back into the fold via a handy bubble, Sabotage notes that co-op will allow three players to engage in a new ‘Co-Op Timed Hits’ mechanic. This, presumably, will entail each player taking turns in combat and working together during specific attacks.

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Web Source: Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

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