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Review: A Plague Tale: Requiem – Cloud Version – Plagued By More Than The Typical Cloud Caveats

A great game to play elsewhere.

Note: This Cloud Version of A Plague Tale: Requiem was tested on 450Mb AT&T Broadband over WIFI, with the router directly adjacent to the Switch dock.

On paper, it sounds like offering a ‘cloud version’ of a game is a good idea. The Switch’s hardware was relatively underpowered when it was new, so getting more graphically intensive releases like A Plague Tale: Requiem to run on it in an acceptable state only becomes more difficult with each passing year. Cloud streaming could get around this, but it only makes sense if the cloud tech and the machines actually running the game server-side are up to the task. Unfortunately, this otherwise excellent game is marred on Switch by technical issues, making it a tough one to recommend.

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