Review: Jack Move – A Short, Sharp, And Utterly Gripping Cyberpunk RPG

In bird culture, this is considered a Jack Move.

It feels like most JRPGs these days don’t really tread much into hard science fiction. Sure, big franchises like Final Fantasy or Xenoblade aren’t afraid to mix in some tech alongside their magic, but it’s rare that you’ll see developers fully commit to a world that’s all robots and computers. In this regard, Jack Move is a breath of fresh air. What we have here is a brief, well-paced, and thoroughly traditional JRPG set in a cyberpunk universe. It’s surprisingly innovative and a delight to play through.

Jack Move takes place in a near-future, cyberpunk society where governments are effectively impotent and enormous conglomerates reign supreme. You take on the role of Noa, a chipper hacker who routinely participates in attacks on corporations and sells sensitive information on the black market. Noa and her partner-in-crime, Ryder, are simply carrying on with business as usual when she receives a message from her estranged father, who warns her that a corporation called Monomind may be after her because of something he’s been working on. Shortly after this, Monomind kidnaps her dad, starting Noa and Ryder on a quest to free him and get to the bottom of his latest research project.

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