Review: Jurassic World Aftermath Collection – Evokes The Best Film, But Gets Tedious Without VR

Clever girl(s).

Few franchises captured the minds of children everywhere like the original Jurassic Park film did in 1993; it kicked off an entire dinosaur craze while maintaining much of the novel’s poignant message exploring the perils of genetic engineering. Jurassic World – 2015’s revival starring Mario Chris Pratt – had nowhere near the same impact, though both critics and audiences found it to be a passable popcorn action thriller (and the less said about the other two films in the World trilogy, the better). Originally developed as a VR title for the Oculus Quest and now rejigged and ported to the Nintendo Switch — with the ‘Part 2’ DLC content included — Jurassic Park Aftermath Collection picks up two years after the events of Jurassic World but takes after the original film thematically.

The opening moments introduce you to the voice of Dr. Amelia ‘Mia’ Everett – you never actually see other humans as all dialogue comes through radio. Taking control of a voiceless security expert named Sam, it isn’t long before the rickety plane you’re on experiences some winged-dinosaur-related issues which cause the pilots to lose control and crash land on the infamous Isla Nublar. Mia, you see, hired you to help her retrieve her life’s work as a geneticist. The crash left her with a shattered leg, holed up in a bunker somewhere. From there, she feeds you information to help save both your lives.

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