Review: RAD2X Is The Only HDMI Cable You Need For Your Retro Consoles

It’s (ahem) rad!

Since TVs shifted into the glorious realm of HD, there’s been a bit of a battle going on in the world of retro gaming. Relying on RGB output was arguably the most sensible way of extracting the best possible picture from your consoles in the CRT-filled ’90s, but that isn’t always the case now (in fact, many modern TV sets have removed connections like SCART entirely, and those that do have them rarely handle the analogue signal well).

This has opened up the door for a wide range of AV solutions for retro gamers, including upscalers like the OSSC, RetroTINK2x and Framemeister (which, on a basic level, take the analogue signal and turn it into something your modern TV can play nicely with, and they do a pretty amazing job) as well as cheaper, ‘plug and play’ cable options – most of which have historically offered less-than-stellar results. Until now, that is.

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