Review: Super Bomberman R 2 – A Feature-Rich Return With A Cracking New ‘Castle’ Mode

“Time to make a comeback!”.

Those of you who picked up the Switch during its launch period in the distant early days of 2017 may remember that, believe it or not, there were other games available at launch besides Breath of the Wild. One of those games was Super Bomberman R, which at the time was the title that broke the longest dry spell (nearly a decade) between releases in the long-running Bomberman franchise. Super Bomberman R sold relatively well considering the distinct niche it filled in the Switch library at the time, and after a rather ill-fated attempt to make a free-to-play version of that game for all platforms, Konami has now returned once again to the well with Super Bomberman R 2. At its core, this new release is little else than simply more Bomberman, but that’s hardly a bad thing when the gameplay feels this enjoyable.

Super Bomberman R 2 is fundamentally intended to be experienced as a party game, the kind of thing you play on a couch with a few friends while you shout unworthy things at each other as you repeatedly blow everyone up. Matches take place on a 13×11 grid viewed from a top-down perspective and the goal is simply to be the last (Bomber)man standing. You remove your opponents by placing timed bombs that send out plus-shaped blasts after a couple of seconds, though you have to be careful because you can easily blow yourself up if you don’t plan out your placement well.

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