Ring is almost ready to release its first car alarm

Ring recently added this image to its Android app. | Image: Zatz Not Funny!

Ring may be getting closer to launching the car alarm it announced over two years ago. A new report from Zatz Not Funny! reveals an image of the device recently added to the Ring Android app as well as a filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the Amazon-owned company submitted on Monday.

The image of the alarm aligns with what we saw when Ring first revealed the thing: a black brick-like device with Ring’s branding and signature blue circle. As outlined in a support page on Ring’s website, the $59.99 alarm will connect to your car’s OBD-II diagnostic port and send notifications to your phone whenever it detects an attempted break-in or a bump from another car. It’s also supposed to come with a siren that you can trigger…

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