Sea Of Stars Is Getting A Co-Op Mode In The Future

Sea of Stars was a highlight last year in an ocean of great titles, and this fantasy game influenced by the 16-bit RPGs of the ’90s is about to expand with a new co-op mode in the future. Sabotage Studio has revealed a brief teaser of the three-player couch co-op mode, which allows for a trio of players to journey together.

This “Single Player+” mode keeps the turn-based gameplay of Sea of Stars intact, as each player will engage in traversal and combat with a new co-op timed hits mechanic. Sabotage Studios says the mode is still in development and will release more details soon. To get a quick idea of what you can expect, you can watch the 10-second teaser video below of Valere, Zale, and Garl exploring the land.

Released last year, Sea of Stars follows two Children of the Solstice on a quest to use the powers of the sun and the moon to perform Eclipse magic and ward off the advance of The Fleshmancer, an ancient threat to the world. Just like the classic RPGs it drew inspiration from, Sea of Stars mixed charming pixel art with a colorful world, thoughtful tweaks to archaic gameplay elements, and a terrific soundtrack. If you’re interested in checking it out, it’s available on PC and console. The game can also be found on Xbox and PC Game Pass, as well as on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium.

“Sea Of Stars is a classic SNES-era turn-based RPG that holds up next to the titans of the era,” Jason Fanelli wrote in GameSpot’s Sea of Stars review. “There are bits and pieces of those classics scattered throughout this game, but Sea Of Stars doesn’t just rest on the laurels of its predecessors. In a crowded year of big-budget AAA releases, Sea Of Stars has an impeccable sense of craft that helps it stand tall alongside them.”

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Web Source: GameSpot – Game News

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