Select Switch Exclusives Come With Free 12-Month Switch Online Subscription

GameStop is giving you an easy way to try out Nintendo Switch Online, as select Switch exclusives now come with a free 12-month membership to the service. The deal applies to some of the most popular titles on Switch, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

To cash in on the deal, simply add the game to your shopping cart. The digital coupon will be automatically applied, and you’ll get a notification that a 12-month NSO membership is included with your purchase. A standalone annual subscription usually costs $20, making this a solid deal and an easy way to check out Nintendo’s online service. Even if you’re already a Switch Online member, you can add 12 months to your subscription by grabbing this deal. So if you’ve been waiting for price cuts on any of these Switch games, it’s not a bad time to pick them up.

Get Switch Online for free with these five games

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — $50 ($60) Animal Crossing: New Horizons — $50 ($60) Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury — $60 Mario Party Superstars — $60 Mario Tennis Aces — $49 ($60)

Switch Online is particularly useful for a couple of these games, including Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. You need a subscription to gain access to their online multiplayer components, and playing online with friends is part of the appeal of both games. You get more than just online multiplayer support with Switch Online, though. You also unlock a huge catalog of NES and SNES classics, Tetris 99, and cloud saves.

Keep in mind that this deal only applies to the individual subscription of regular Switch Online. You can upgrade to Switch Online + Expansion Pack after redeeming your code. For an additional $30, you’ll also unlock libraries of N64 and Sega Genesis games as well as three pieces of DLC: Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise expansion, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s Booster Course Pass, and Splatoon 2’s Octo expansion.

This deal runs until the end of the week, so make sure to take advantage of it while you can. The promotion only applies to new, physical versions of the games listed above, although free shipping is included for orders over $49 and your purchase should arrive within the next two to five days.

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