Star Trek: Resurgence: A Deep Dive into the Galaxy’s Newest Adventure

Star Trek: Resurgence: A Deep Dive into the Galaxy’s Newest Adventure


“Star Trek: Resurgence” is an interactive narrative adventure video game that takes us on an exciting journey in the universe of Star Trek, set shortly after “The Next Generation”. It features two protagonists – First Officer Jara Rydek and Petty Officer Carter Diaz, serving on the USS Resolute. With this setup, players are offered the opportunity to explore different perspectives on the Federation and form bonds with a unique cast of characters.

Star Trek: Resurgence Jara Rydek and Carter Diaz


While the game carries the name recognition of the beloved Star Trek franchise, it has been noted that its mechanics feel like they belong to an earlier generation of games. The moment-to-moment gameplay often disrupts the narrative’s momentum. Players are required to walk around the Resolute or new planets in between narrative beats, often using their tricorder to identify items or solve problems, which can feel tedious and outdated.

Star Trek: Resurgence use of the tricorder

Graphics and Technical Aspects

In terms of graphics, the character models in “Star Trek: Resurgence” have been critiqued for their lifeless expressions. Additionally, there have been reports of the game experiencing hard crashes, although these could potentially be less frequent on platforms other than PS5.

Star Trek: Resurgence Character Models

Story and Characters

Despite the criticisms, the game has its positive qualities. There are intriguing scenes and issues that the player must grapple with, especially when playing as Jara Rydek. The game also incorporates iconic characters from the Star Trek universe, which will likely be a treat for long-term fans.

Star Trek: Resurgence famous character

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