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The ultimate guide on how to make your own Lemang this Hari Raya

It’s that time of year again: the smell of Lemang permeates the air, and everyone is getting ready to celebrate Raya. But what is Lemang, exactly? And how can you make one this year? Lemang is a type of glutinous rice cake which is popular in Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s made by cooking sticky rice […]

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10 Best Home Gadgets and Appliances in 2022

10 Best Home Gadgets and Appliances in 2022 Image Source: Pexels Technological advancements have been on the rise in recent years. The gadgets and appliances being manufactured from such technological advancements make life easier, and users have well embraced them. Here are some of the best home gadgets and devices in 2022:-   1. Echo […]

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