Tchia Gameplay Walkthrough Shows Off Glider And Soul Jumping

Indie studio Awaceb released its upcoming game Tchia‘s gameplay walkthrough–a 10-minute video focused on exploration tools in a New Caledonian-inspired setting. Tchia takes place in a tropical open world and follows a young girl’s journey to rescue her father from the archipelago’s cruel ruler, Meavora.

In the gameplay walkthrough, Tchia explored and traversed the island with a glider, slingshots that come in the form of trees, and a unique ability called soul jumping. By using soul jumping, Tchia can “jump” into the body of both objects and animals on the island, and can use their forms for a limited time. In the video, Tchia soul jumped into a bird and could fly up steep cliffs. She also soul jumped into a coconut, a vehicle that had surprising capacity for traveling long distances quickly.

In addition to exploring on land, Tchia can also sail in the surrounding oceans. There are coral reefs Tchia can swim in and explore. She can also soul jump into aquatic life like dolphins.

The game’s exploration look impressive, and undoubtedly, there will be comparisons to Breath of The Wild, as any physics-driven sandbox game with a focus on exploration has received in the last couple of years.

Tchia is coming in early 2023 and will be available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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