Temperatures are rising at super speed in the US

In an aerial view, dead and dying trees in a drought-stressed juniper and piñon pine forest are seen on September 6th, 2022, southeast of Hite, Utah. | Photo by David McNew / Getty Images

The US is heating up faster than the world as a whole, making the nation already very vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. “The things Americans value most are at risk,” according to a recently released draft of a major national climate report. That includes Americans’ food and water supplies, cherished traditions and pastimes, and communities transforming into untenable places to live.

The warning comes from a draft of the Fifth National Climate Assessment, expected to be finalized next year. The draft was made public yesterday to allow for public comment

through January 27th, 2023. National researchers are mandated to deliver the report to Congress and the president every four years to take stock of the many ways global…

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