The Outlast Trials: A Fresh Spin on Horror Gaming with Multiplayer Elements

The Outlast Trials: A Bold New Step for the Survival Horror Genre


The Outlast Trials is the newest addition to the acclaimed Outlast franchise, bringing a fresh, multiplayer perspective to the survival horror genre. This review provides an in-depth analysis of the game, drawing from various sources to give you a comprehensive overview.

About The Outlast Trials

The game, which serves as the third entry in the series, acts as a prequel to its predecessors. The unique twist in The Outlast Trials is its multiplayer capabilities, introducing a new dimension of terror and excitement to the franchise.

Gameplay Mechanics

Upon starting the game, players are dropped into a chaotic world, with a tutorial offering initial guidance. Post-tutorial, players can regroup and plan their strategy for navigating the challenging trials that lie within an ominous experimental testing facility. The trials can be tackled solo or with a team, with the latter providing a less terrifying but still thrilling experience.

Unique Features

The Sleep Room is a distinctive feature in The Outlast Trials, serving as a lobby where players can adjust online settings, invite friends, select trials, and modify their gear. The online settings can be private, open to friends, or open to all. A group can consist of up to four players, with a “Group Finder” feature available for players who wish to join a random group.

Combat and Communication

Staying true to the franchise’s roots, The Outlast Trials sticks to non-combative gameplay. Players are required to run, hide, and solve complex puzzles to survive the monstrous creatures they encounter. Communication is essential for success in the game, facilitated by features like voice chat, ping, and quick comms.

Chilling Scenarios

The trials in the game are genuinely chilling. For instance, one trial requires players to navigate through a terrifying fun fair filled with booby traps, landmines, and grotesque test subjects. As they traverse this horrifying landscape, players must complete a variety of challenges, keeping them on their toes at all times.

Isolation and Teamwork

Despite the inclusion of multiplayer gameplay, The Outlast Trials effectively maintains the chilling sensation of isolation that the series is known for. Even as part of a team, players often find themselves alone in unknown locations, heightening the sense of fear. The game masterfully balances the terror of isolation with the exhilaration of multiplayer gameplay.

Future Prospects

Red Barrels, the game’s developer, has big plans for The Outlast Trials. The game marks their foray into live service gaming, with the aim of securing its longevity within the horror gaming community. With regular content updates and multiple gameplay programs on offer, the game promises a wealth of content for players in the future.


In conclusion, The Outlast Trials offers a gripping multiplayer experience, blending terrifying horror with exciting teamwork. With a gameplay that builds anticipation and a developer dedicated to continuous content provision, The Outlast Trials is a game worth considering for both long-time fans of the franchise and new players.


As of the time of the writing, The Outlast Trials was available in Early Access on PC May 18, 2023, leaving console players, particularly those on the PlayStation 5, eagerly anticipating its release on their platform. While there’s no official word yet on a PS5 release, we can only hope that Red Barrels will consider expanding their audience in the future.

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