The SWORL Is A “Fight Stick” Controller That’s Not Just For Fighting Games

JunkFood Custom Arcades, makers of the popular Snack Box Micro controller have just announced the SWORL, which it calls “a ‘fight stick’ like experience for multiple game genres.” The controller is a blend of an analog pad, a fight stick, and a mechanical keyboard, combining a WASD D-pad, two thumb analog controls, and up to ten keys.

The stickless pad instead has two grippy trackball-like “thumb domes” which have been designed to maintain fine control without your thumbs having to move as far. The SWORL is ergonomically designed, with the player’s hands generally resting as far apart as they would on a standard ergonomic keyboard, and all the inputs sitting at approximately the same height.

FGC, rhythm gamers, brawler players, speed runners, RPG players, 3rd person gamers, etc… we have something new for you!
Announcing the SWORL – A “fight stick” like experience for multiple game genres!

— JunkFood Custom Arcades (@junkfoodarcades) July 7, 2023

Like other JunkFood Custom controllers, the SWORL is designed to be highly customizable, with options available for artwork, LEDs, MX switches, case colors, and even the button layout on the right side. Software-level customization will allow players to modify LEDs, remap controls, and store or share up to 10 profiles which can be instantly switched in game.

The SWORL isn’t quite ready for full release yet, but JunkFood Custom Arcades will be showing the prototype at Evo this August in order to gather feedback from players. The non-standard controller design has a lot of promise not just for ergonomic play, but also to offer greater accessibility for some players. More information on release date and price will be updated on JunkFood Custom’s social media and Discord as the project progresses.

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