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Tin Hearts: A Charming Puzzle Adventure for PS5

Tin Hearts: A Charming Puzzle Adventure for PS5


Tin Hearts, a fun puzzle set in a world of creativity, is a charming gaming experience that allows you to journey with toys on a grander scale. It’s a quaint puzzle game with a significant level of ambition, evoking a “sit back, relax, and do some lateral thinking” kind of vibe that was once a staple of the gaming industry. Despite its seemingly cute aesthetics, Tin Hearts is a game that offers a good amount of challenge, making it a delightful mix of charm and complexity for PS5 gamers.

Setting and Story

The game is set in a vintage toymaker’s house filled with old fashioned, hand-carved toys such as rocking horses, building blocks, toy drums, and doll’s houses. Players take on the ethereal role of Albert J. Butterworth, a renowned toymaker, experiencing a series of events that showcase his life, his wife, and his daughter. Interspersed between puzzles are snippets of their lives at various intervals, offering a storyline that is at times charming, at others melancholic, but consistently quaintly British and engaging.

Gameplay Mechanics

The basic premise for each puzzle or level is to guide a set number of clockwork soldier toys to an end goal. Players, as Albert in spirit form, manipulate objects to guide the soldiers’ little feet across treacherous workshop terrain. As the game progresses, the puzzles become more complex, requiring players to use blocks for redirection, and timing their movements to keep all their little soldiers on the right path. The game also includes time manipulation mechanics, allowing players to pause, fast-forward, and rewind time, providing relief when the challenges become overwhelming.

Visuals and Audio

Tin Hearts is a game that doesn’t push any boundaries in terms of visuals, yet it’s crafted with a level of love and care that makes it incredibly endearing. The game’s visuals, combined with a lovely score by Matthew Chastney, make for an ear-pleasing and eye-catching experience. The game also includes voice acting that fits the mood and aesthetic of the game perfectly, albeit with a bit of British corniness.

Potential Issues

While Tin Hearts is a delightful game, it’s not without its flaws. The most notable issue some players might face is the camera work. There’s a disparity in the camera control when maneuvering around the environment and when manipulating objects, which can disrupt the flow of the gameplay. However, this minor issue doesn’t significantly detract from the overall enjoyable experience that Tin Hearts provides.

Tips and Tricks

1. Leverage time control mechanics: Tin Hearts provides players with the ability to pause, fast-forward, and rewind time. Using these mechanics wisely will allow you to correct mistakes and fine-tune your strategies without having to restart the whole level.

2. Plan your path: The game gives you an option to pause time and see the path your toys will take. This can help you plan ahead and avoid potential pitfalls, making your progression more efficient.

3. Master block manipulation: Understanding how to effectively manipulate toy blocks and objects in the environment is key to success in Tin Hearts. As the game progresses, you’ll need to move and reuse blocks strategically to guide your soldiers.

4. Watch your soldiers closely: While it may seem like a minor detail, watching your soldiers closely can give you insights into their movements and help you plan your strategies better.

5.  Some players have found the camera controls to be a bit challenging at times, especially when picking up objects. Being aware of this and adjusting your playing style accordingly may help to speed up your progression.

Remember, every player’s experience with a game is unique, and the best way to improve is often through practice and experimentation. I hope these tips will help you in your journey through Tin Hearts! If I manage to find more specific tips and tricks in the future, I will make sure to share them with you.


Tin Hearts is a game that serves as a pleasant reminder of the charming simplicity that video games can offer. It’s a delightful puzzle game that combines an engaging storyline, creative gameplay mechanics, and lovable visuals and audio. For players looking for a game that provides a wholesome experience full of charm and thought-provoking puzzles, Tin Hearts is a must-play on the PS5 console

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