U Mobile 5G To Go Live On 3 November: Available For Postpaid and Prepaid Customers

U Mobile has announced that its 5G services will be available to consumers starting early next month. This is following the signing of the Access Agreement with the national 5G company, Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) yesterday.

In its official announcement, here is the list of postpaid and prepaid plans that are going to receive 5G access starting from 3 November 2022:

U Postpaid 38
U Postpaid 68
U Postpaid 98
Prepaid U25
Prepaid U35

U Mobile customers that are on the U FamilyShare lines will also be able to tap into the national 5G network. Based on the official press announcement, the telco will not implement a dedicated 5G data quota for these plans.

U Mobile 5G demo during Langkawi Trials, January 2020.

For those who are wondering about the general data quota for these plans, the U Postpaid 38 has a 30GB quota while the limit is significantly higher on U Postpaid 68 which is capped off at 100GB. On the other hand, the U Postpaid 98 pushed it further with a 1TB (1,000GB) quota which can be shared with up to six U FamilyShare supplementary lines.

Prepaid U25 and Prepaid U35 plans don’t have any general data quota but are speed-capped at 3Mbps and 6Mbps, respectively. That being said, the telco has imposed monthly Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limits on them though which currently stand at 30GB for Prepaid U25 and 100GB for Prepaid U35. If they ever hit these FUP limits, customers’ speed would be throttled to 512kbps until the next cycle.

U Mobile 5G public trial, Berjaya Times Square KL, September 2020.

Given their speed-capped “unlimited” nature, Prepaid U25 and Prepaid U35 customers must first activate the Speed Booster feature before they can properly utilise U Mobile’s 5G service. This feature can be activated once per day without any extra charges and would last for one hour once turned on.

Ultimately, U Mobile customers will still be subjected to the same data pool regardless of whether they are connected to 4G or 5G. Of course, it goes without saying that their experience will likely be enhanced further when they are on 5G connection due to its higher speed and lower latency nature.

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