Unholy Review: Intense narrative journey into a dark and unholy world

Unholy: A Game Review


“Unholy” is an atmospheric, single-player action-adventure game developed by Duality Games and published by HOOK. It’s a game that takes players on an intense narrative journey into a dark and unholy world while they explore the mystery of a child’s disappearance.

Unholy Game Art

Gameplay and Difficulty

The gameplay in “Unholy” combines meticulous exploration, intriguing puzzle-solving, stealth, and unique shooting dynamics. The narrative unfolds as players search for clues and decide whether to infiltrate or confront brutal enemies. The introduction of a slingshot weapon adds a new dynamic to the game. However, the game doesn’t necessarily explain the method of using the slingshot well enough, and players have to figure it out for themselves. Overall, the puzzles are generally manageable and not overly challenging.

Unholy Slingshot use

The game also introduces a unique mask feature. Everyone in the Unholy world hides behind a mask. These masks can be the difference between life and death. Players can use masks to gain new skills and improve their abilities, or they can wear masks to infiltrate and confuse enemies. This feature adds a new dynamic to the game and enhances the interaction.

Unholy Masks


The protagonist, a woman who recently suffered , is trying to do the impossible in a world that makes it impossible. The narrative offers two parallel worlds for players to navigate – a grey, brutalist post-soviet Eastern European town, and the disturbing world of Unholy, a grotesque society ruled by an oppressive priest caste. As she ventures into another world where the logic of the first world does not apply fully, the game introduces some interesting concepts that could potentially develop into an enigma.

Unholy Playground

Unholy World

Graphics and Art Direction

The game’s atmospheric design is based on the works of reputed dark artist Tomasz Strzałkowski, the Art director and founder of Duality Games. The environments in the game are highly variable, using space and color in unique ways to deliver a surreal and unsettling horror experience. The art direction in the beginning is reminiscent of old school horror games, evoking a sense of nostalgia. However, as the game progresses, the art direction shifts to a more political atmosphere within the Unholy city.

Unholy Art Direction 01

Unholy Art Direction 02


“Unholy” provides an immersive gaming experience with its intense narrative, unique gameplay mechanics, and visually captivating art direction. The game successfully blends a variety of gameplay styles, offering an intriguing exploration of two parallel worlds, a unique emotion-based interaction system, and a dynamic mask feature that enhances the player’s decision-making process. Despite some minor flaws, such as the lack of clear instructions for certain gameplay mechanics, the game manages to deliver a satisfying and engaging experience. With a mastery of the mask system, players could potentially outperform their usual gaming intelligence, adding an extra layer of depth and strategy to the gameplay.

Unholy Mechanism

Unholy World 02

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