Video: This Joy-Con Accessory Lets You Play Switch With Only One Hand

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The Nintendo Switch has proven to be groundbreaking on a number of levels, but, as with many consoles, accessibility has continued to be one of the main features on which it can improve. A 2017 console evaluation by The Able Gamers Charity confirmed just this, commenting on the Switch’s ‘zero accessibility features’ at launch. Since then, Nintendo introduced system-level button remapping and the ability to zoom, but there’s still much more that could be done, and YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri has created a Joy-Con adaptor to begin moving these problems in the opposite direction.

Kuumeri’s design (shown in the video above) works to combat certain dexterity issues some gamers experience as a result of the console’s traditional two-handed approach to gaming. Flipping one Joy-Con into an upside-down position, the adaptor lets you play the console’s two-handed control system from the button inputs of a single controller.

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