Xbox Elite Series 2 Gets A $130 White “Core” Model, Preorders Open Now

Microsoft has announced a new version of its “Elite” premium Xbox controller. The Xbox Elite Series 2 “Core” model is the same Elite Series 2, but with only the “essentials,” and it’s priced more affordably.

Priced at $130 USD, and available for preorder right now, the controller has adjustable-tension thumbsticks, a rubberized grip on the handles, and hair trigger locks. Button-mapping is available through the Xbox Accessories app, just like it is for the regular model.

If players want to upgrade, or replace components on an existing Series 2 controller, they can grab the the Complete Component Pack for $60 USD. This includes interchangeable thumbsticks, paddle shapes, and the new D-pad. It also comes with a carrying case, charging dock, and USB-C cable.

The Core controller and the Complete Component Pack launch on September 21 in the US.

Comparing the two Elite Series 2 controllers

Additionally, Microsoft announced that the Elite Series 2 will be added to Xbox Design Lab this holiday season. This will allow players to create and customize their own Xbox controller, with the Elite Series 2 model joining the lineup of options. Pricing was not announced, but Design Lab controllers are typically around $10 more expensive than the standard models.

Microsoft’s newest Elite controller is designed for performance and competition. Specifically, the hair trigger locks can help players be more competitive in shooter games because they allow players to begin firing more quickly. The Elite controller has been generally well-received, too, earning solid review scores.

For more, check out GameSpot’s breakdown of the best Xbox Series X controllers available right now, which is topped by the Elite Series 2.

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