Zombie Killer Drift 2

Zombie Killer Drift II is an arcade co-op racing game with survival elements and battles in a half-abandoned city with hordes of zombies.

Our current design efforts are a combination of large open spaces, for PvE and PvP combat. We want to motivate the players for development and cooperation or an organized confrontation. The player is able to create clans and gangs within the game. Rich customization will help participants to personalize themselves and their car, garage, weapon as much as possible. We offer players a place where there will be no rest, where every time you need to strain in search of prey, and not become prey yourself. Feelings of fear of constant pursuit, a variety of enemies, zombies, and other participants will fuel interest in rivalry.The city itself will be divided into districts, in each district there will be many points of interest for the gamer, which will motivate him to better explore the city and look for new resources. Many zones and territories of this metropolis will be initially closed, it is possible to get into them under various fulfilled conditions. For example, by agreeing with the character to lower the bridge, or by defeating the boss in order to drive further, blow up a barricaded tunnel, and so on. As befits a million-plus American city, it has an area with tall skyscrapers, factory districts and residential areas, consisting mainly of single – storey houses.

The following points of interest are visible on the proposed picture:
1.The Anchor Sign is a port intended for ordering rare cars outside the city, as well as resources and provisions.
2. The sign of a person is a character controlling the entrance to the bridge, it is necessary to negotiate with him or eliminate him for further advancement.
3.Wheel sign is a car shop where car dealers and thieves sell cars.
4. The sign of the wrench is a car service, it is necessary to fix the transport and improve it.
5.Skull sign means special danger, it means there is a boss or a huge horde of zombies in this area. In this case, on the map, they block the path on the bridge.
6.The sign of the crown shows the king of the area, one of the key characters in the game.
7.Sign of the weapon is a gun shop, local merchants would sell any ammunition over local currency or resources.
8. Prison, a place where players can compete with each other, and also there you can place bets on the victory of one of the players.
9.Danger Zone is a very dangerous zone, there are a lot of zombies, but also there are a lot of valuable resources.
10.Safe Zone is a safe zone, you can move around calmly without worrying about the threat, this is something like a local hub for players.

you better think fast to survive

A new global crisis has begun in the world due to a lack of resources and global climate change. Due to overpopulation, new diseases and viruses began to appear in the world, which further exacerbated the situation. All the forces of the best minds were thrown into the creation of antidotes against various diseases. One of the diseases severely mutated cells, forming a large number of cancerous tumors. Scientists decided to create an antidote by mixing the genes of lizards and snakes, since these creatures regenerate very quickly, this helps them to quickly restore lost tails and renew their skin.

some of the locals you’ll meet and “drift” into

But during the development of the drug, the situation got out of control. The medicine, instead of renewing the cells and preventing the malignancy from developing, began to mutate them even more, patience’s skin tone over time acquired a greenish appearance, and in some places the skin even peeled off to the bone. The mutation reached the brain, plus the severe pain that the patients experienced, deprived them of their sanity. This is how the zombies emerged.

The first victims of the unsuccessful antidote mutation were New Yorkers, since it was there that the main testing ground for the fight against new types of cancer was located. Now the city is in quarantine and surrounded by the military, most of the urban population is either infected or evacuated. Only illegal immigrants, bandits, freaks and outcasts, as well as prisoners remained in the city.

venture safely…

The metropolis is cut off from the rest of the world, and there are no laws. The safest way to move in the city is by car, it is fast, reliable and very effective against zombies. Fuel is now the new currency, and vehicle components are worth their weight in gold. The one who owns the coolest car is the king of the road. So, there are three kings in this town.

The first king is a high-ranking official Xander Corvus, the former mayor of the city. His connections and finances allowed him to usurp the districts and several elite shops selling the most expensive cars. The situation with the infected city allowed him to take over most of the city’s infrastructure. Bridges, tunnels, and many secured facilities are under his control. He controls the most important and priciest neighborhoods, Wall Street Square, 7th Avenue.

The second king, originating from CIS, Alexey Kirpich, started out as an auto repair shop worker, then opened a network of his own car repair shops, and thanks to the mutation situation, he became even more powerful as the prices for vehicle components have skyrocketed. He has become a person of influence in the criminal world. He now controls all the prisons in the city, which are excellent protection against hordes of zombies. Since he was doing illegal things from the very beginning, he has many connections outside of the city, so it will not be difficult for him to get something valuable and rare. Controls Brooklyn and Brighton Beach.

The third king is Colonel Vlad Blaskovitz, together with his army, he controls the city’s borders, since it is easier to get governmental supplies through it. Has access to weapons and provisions. He is a special envoy sent to the city to resolve the situation. But the government betrayed him, leaving him and his army to perish in this godforsaken metropolis. But the colonel still has many army contacts outside the city walls. Controls the northern part of Manhattan, as there the peninsula is connected to the mainland.

Throughout the game, you will face a large variety of enemies. The adversaries are typical zombies, unique zombies that pose a serious threat, and a hostile environment that constantly puts pressure on the player. Zombies will differ in the degree of infection and mutation. Some zombies will regenerate their wounds quickly, some will disguise themselves like chameleons, and others will have the power of a panzer that will be able to overturn the player’s car, presenting a serious danger from which it is worth staying away.

For valuable supplies, the player will have to go down to the subways, metro stations, tunnels and abandoned areas where it is especially dangerous and unpredictable, but the higher the risk, the higher the reward. In addition to zombies, the city itself is a danger, dangerous gangs and outcasts roam around in search of profit. Each location of the local leader will be different from another, it will have different conditions to which the player will have to adapt fast.

customize your ride

The game will have a large number of vehicles with rich customization and tuning giving the opportunity to highlight the player’s individuality. Cars will differ in weight category and purpose, for example, cars and trucks, SUVs etc. Each car can be reinforced with steel plates and a frame. A weapon can be attached to the vehicle body to destroy the zombies.

Cars can be painted in any color, and the store will contain a large number of ready-made stickers and prints for the appearance of the car. The costliness of cars will also differ from the region where they are bought.

pick up your best weapon

The player will be armed with various ammunition. The weapon will be both modern and fictional. The weapon will be stylistically suited to the post-apocalyptic world, therefore, in addition to firearms, there will be a lot of cold weapons and sharp cutting objects, i.e. saws, knives, shields with spikes.

The player will be given the opportunity to customize and improve their ammunition to suit their needs and play style. The game will have special garages in which it will be possible to install new weapons and armor on the vehicle for an ultra-efficient hunting on zombies. New areas of the city will be populated with new enemies and leaders, which will motivate the player to buy more efficient equipment.

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